Involvement & Experience

St. Louis Community College
Student Nurse Association

As a nursing student, I was an active member of the Student Nurse Association at St. Louis Community College – Forest Park. The Student Nurse Association sponsor and Nursing Retention Coach referred students in need of mentorship regarding dosage calculation, pharmacology, or stress management to me.

Lutheran School of Nursing
Student Body Government Association

While a student at Lutheran School of Nursing, I served as president of the Student Body Government Association. In this position, I served as student body liaison to the school administration, organized student body events for fundraising and morale, and developed SBGA positions (notably SBGA class representatives) and policies designed to enhance student experiences and protect student rights.

Lutheran School of Nursing
Director's Certificate of Appreciation

During my time serving as president of the Lutheran School of Nursing Student Body Government Association, I lead the Missouri State Board of Nursing's tour of the campus during their March 2018 site visit.

Dr. Allie Webster, Lutheran School of Nursing Director of Nursing Education, presented me with a certificate of appreciation "In recognition of demonstrated professionalism, candor, and commitment while addressing representatives from the Missouri State Board of Nursing during their visit to the school" on March 22, 2018.

Lutheran School of Nursing
Student Leadership Position

While a student at Lutheran School of Nursing, I held the Library Assistant Student Leadership Position. This was an after-class position where I worked in the school's medical library, helping with library tasks as needed. Some of my duties included the checking in and out of books and medical journals, assisting with the library's computer labs, inventorying medical journals, and closing the library at night.


I am an active member of Washington Post-, New York Times-, and NPR-featured "Vaccine Talk: An Evidence Based Discussion Forum." Vaccine Talk is a Facebook group with over 78,000 members and welcomes people from all vaccine viewpoints on the conditions that they remain civil and will support their claims with well-respected sources. The group seeks to provide a platform for people to discuss vaccine questions or concerns with their peers and content experts alike. Members who claim to be medical professionals or other authority figures have their credentials verified by the moderation team, allowing the public to be confident that people claiming to be experts truly are who (and what) they claim to be. Contributors to Vaccine Talk include physicians, nurses, statisticians, epidemiologists, clinical trial coordinators, and more.

From August of 2016 through April of 2022, I served on the board of the Gateway Computer Club in Fairview Heights, IL as librarian; effective December 2021, I also served as interim newsletter editor. The Gateway Computer Club is a not-for-profit organization of computer users who meet to share their knowledge and experiences. Meetings consist of announcements and news, a questions and answers session, a roughly hour-long demonstration on a topic of interest to club members, and free computer repair or referrals. My primary duty as librarian was to maintain a wide-ranging, up-to-date library of software tools that have been evaluated to be safe and effective for members to use for day-to-day computer activity. As interim newsletter editor, I was responsible for authoring the group's monthly newsletter, Bits and Chips.

In 2011, I ran for the public office of school board member for the O'Fallon Township High School District 203 in O'Fallon, IL. This was following an economic crisis related to the Great Recession that had led to multiple rounds of layoffs and other cutbacks within the district. I ran a zero-dollar campaign on the platform of being a school alumnus and past district employee who had experience working within in the district during the Great Recession and who was directly impacted by the district's cutbacks and had seen their effects firsthand.

The election results were as follows:

Seat Candidate Votes
1 Mark Christ [incumbent] 2,137
2 Sharon K. Schreckenberg 2,000
3 Ronald Thouvenot [incumbent]  1,913
× Michael Jung 1,628
× Geoffrey V. Dudley, Sr. 1,430
Source: O'Fallon Township High School April 28, 2011 Board Minutes [Cached]

During my employment with O'Fallon Township High School District 203 (2007-2010), I volunteered additional time to serve as a Web technologies mentor within the school's extracurricular robotics team, USFIRST Team 1208.